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The College of Dental Surgeons has mandated that ALL Dentists of British Columbia can no longer post Testimonials or reviews of their Dental practice as such reviews cannot be adequately verified as correct or posted by a specific and verifiable individual.  Such postings may be subject to fines. 
This is understandable as false positive and false negative Testimonials can easily be placed.
As such all the positive and welcoming Testimonials, that we know have come directly from our patients will no longer be posted on this WebSite.
Word of mouth, however is very important to any Dental Practice and we invite you to ask any of our patients for their recommendations .  You can still check on Google for reviews of our practice.
We will ALWAYS try to please our patients to their complete satisfaction and appreciate your positive reviews.
If you have a negative review, for any reason, we appreciate you letting us know directly first, so that we can take what ever steps necessary to correct any problems and ensure your total satisfaction.
We will always work with our patients towards that goal. That is THE APPLE ADVANTAGE !
Thank you.
Dr. Ian Smith