Special Occasions

Every Day is Special at KELOWNA APPLE DENTAL

             Even our patients join in                                          Our spirits are always up                            

   dentist Kelowna B.C.   
                dentists Kelowna


      Our staff and our patients love the relaxed, happy    Kelowna dentist
      and jovial ( yet totally professional ) atmosphere
      that we portray at our office.
      Seasonal decorations help to eliminate the "Dental Office"
      stigma and make our patients feel more comfortable.
      We strive to treat you like family and make you feel
      at home at Apple Dental.  We have fun at our office
      and we want you to as well.  Our smiles, our tone and
      our truly devoted care and concern for all our patients
      will definitely be portrayed to all.

       Come and enjoy the "Apple Dental Experience"

                Kelowna dentists


  Curtis Hamilton proudly displays his  
2011 IIHF Silver Medal for Team Canada 
     Thanks for sharing that with us
      "Wow I'm 6' and I look tiny"
            GO ROCKETS GO                        
                                                                                      This stick belongs to the NHLs 6'8" Tyler Myers 
    dentist Kelowna B.C.           kelowna dentist 

                 Dr Smith........Ian licensed to provide for your Dental Needs