Ultrasonic Cleanings

Dr. Smith has utilized a piezo ultrasonic scaler to provide cleanings in Kelowna for the past 30 years. These machines provide the utmost in comfort, speed and efficiency. A fine blunt tip vibrates effortlessly and painlessly at 45,000 cycles per second to gently remove stain & tartar and most importantly, bacteria above and below the gums in a fraction of the time and effort of scraping with sharp hand instruments. A non pressure feather dust sweeping motion is used in this procedure. If you have never experienced this method of cleaning, then you're missing out on a truly revolutionary and proven aspect of oral health care. We invite you to drop by for further information of the operation and advantages of piezo ultrasonics and experience this extraordinary treatment. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Quick, Thorough and Painless with out scraping with sharp instruments

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