Childrens Dentistry

Dentistry for Children in Kelowna, BC

If you are looking for a trusted dentist for children in Kelowna, be assured our trained staff know how to provide the right atmosphere to make your child comfortable. We do not claim to be a Pedodontst (certified specialist for children's dentistry), but we are very comfortable in providing dentistry for children. Certain cases and deep sedation will involve a referral to the excellent Pedodontists in Kelowna.

A visit to the dentist can be frightful for some children, but our team of children’s dentists in Kelowna knows how to make your child feel relaxed. Using a number of proven tactics, we make sure your child has a pleasant experience, making them excited about their dental health care. We take pleasure in entertaining a good number of Kelowna children every day to "count and tickle their teeth clean.” Children and "older children of all ages" are invited to hold a mirror and participate in their exams and treatment. We believe that the unknown and unusual can be frightening to patients. If patients understand what the procedures involve, their acceptance is enhanced and they become directly involved in their own oral responsibilities. The more knowledgeable the patient is, the better their oral health. Our children's dentist in Kelowna knows and applies the proper psychology and right terminology to make children comfortable.

Our Professional Dentist in Kelowna, BC Have Crafted Some Memorable Experiences.  


We Make Dental Visits Fun for the Children --- and they always LOVE the reward Prizes

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The first visit may involve only a "chair ride" to introduce the patient and discuss home care.

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These Smiles Make Our Day! Her First Dental Visit Ever.

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You Are Never Too Young to Practice Good Dental Care

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a) Sealants
A strongly advised preventive treatment which bonds a protective barrier over pits and fissures to prevent decay. They are an easy, quick, painless and inexpensive procedures which is also recommended for adults as well. Longevity is two to five years depending on diet and grinding habits.

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b) Interceptive Orthodontics
Space maintainers and removable appliances may be placed to lessen or eliminate future orthodontic treatment


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c) Restorations 
Only bonded white restorations are recommended for children. Apple Dental Kelowna does not advocate silver amalgam for primary teeth and in fact we DO NOT place amalgams in this office on children nor adults.







        A very nice thank you card from a young child who was very Thrilled with her dental experience at Apple Dental Kelowna