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There has occurred some fear and apprehension from past emails about contracting Covid-19 during dental procedures. I wish to address and alleviate your concerns.

The Health and Welfare of my patients and staff has and will always be my top priority. Your risk is extremely minimal.


We are now back to providing regular dental treatment for all patients and have gone above and beyond the requirements set out by the BC Dental Association, WorkSafeBC and BC Center for Disease Control and Health BC.


1) All patients answer a treatment consent to ensure that they have not been out of country, in touch with other individuals or show any signs of Covid-19. Staff follow the same protocol daily.

2) Bookings prevent contact with other patients. No one shares the waiting room or contacts others in the hallway.

Patients contact the office on their arrival and are then informed if it is a safe time to enter. Patients hand sanitize on entry and their temperature is taken. They pre-rinse with a 1% H2O2 solution.

3) Front desk, pens, debit machine and door knobs sanitized after every patient. Any object that a patient may touch is sanitized.

4) Treatment rooms are sealed and exhaust fans remove and replenish air exchange. All instruments and surfaces are thoroughly sterilized and then rooms are “fogged” with an HOCL mist after every patient to completely eradicate bacteria and virus on all surfaces, floors and even the air.

5) High volume suctions are used for all restorative and even cleaning appointments.


EVERY PRECAUTION has been implemented to ensure your safe delivery of dental treatment. Take care.

Dr. Ian Smith