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At Apple Dental Centre, our commitment to serving our patients includes providing them with the right information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.  We welcome you to use this website as a resource that will guide you on your journey to better health care. Our goal is to make the dental health care information available to you both useful and interesting.  

 We DO NOT sell dentistry. Our goal is to inform and influence our patients towards a better quality of life and health. 

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We at Apple Dental are committed to providing the most current and proven dental services in a gentle and caring manor. Beyond that, our dentists in Kelowna understand the importance of providing a unique dental experience. Dr. Smith will call each and every patient who receives anesthetic that evening to ensure that their recovery is comfortable and uneventful. Our Dentists in Kelowna care about and treat each patient as family. All staff members are honestly kind, caring, gentle and empathetic to our patients’ needs and treatment. Your overall well-being is our desire; not just your dental needs.

Prevention and patient understanding are our primary emphasis at Apple Dental. We know that regular check ups and cleanings are important to maintaining oral health and provide for a comfortable and less expensive alternative to major treatment. We look forward to serving your dental needs in a gentle and caring atmosphere.

As many general body symptoms and disease show their first early signs in the mouth, we recommend a complete and comprehensive examination. Your teeth are the last thing that we examine and evaluate. Your general well-being is noted following a comprehensive medical Questionnaire. We examine lymph nodes of the head and neck and evaluate intra-oral soft tissue and the throat. The tongue is examined. Your TMJ is checked. Teeth are checked for alignment, occlusion, mobility, decalcification, decay, wear, cracks and existing restorations. Defects are noted. Impacted teeth are recorded. Periodontal condition is noted and pocket depth, recession and bone defects are recorded. The general Intra-oral cancer check is provided.

We are now pleased and excited to offer the “VELscope” for Oral Cancer detection.

We are a Preferred Provider for Invisalign Orthodontics and not only do we offer Invisalign, but many of our staff have received this treatment at Apple Dental and can give you first hand advice.



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We genuinely hope this site is helpful to you in learning more about our practice, dental conditions and treatments, dental recommendations, and more.

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